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wedding contains today’s best wedding songs that are played at traditional weddings.
Each song below is available with complete wedding songs lyrics. You can also download these songs with a Free Trial at Rhapsody. The list of songs are broken into different parts of marriage ceremony- Father Daughter dance, Mother Son dance, First dance, Processional, Interlude, Cake Cutting and Bouquet Toss.
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Artist/Album: Bryan Adams

I wanna be your t-shirt when it’s wet - wanna be the
shower when you sweat
I gotta to be the tattoo on your skin - ya lemme be your
bed baby - when you climb in
I wanna be the sheets when you sleep - lemme be the
secrets that you keep
I gotta be the spoon - ta stir your cream
I wanna to be the one that really makes you scream
I wanna be - your lipstick when ya lick it
I wanna be - your high heels when ya kick it
I wanna be - your sweet love babe - ya when you make…

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Artist/Album: The Crystals

Well he walked up to me
And he asked me if I wanted to dance
He looked kinda nice
And so I said I might take a chance
When he danced he held me tight
And when he walked me home that night
All the stars were shining bright
And then he kissed me

Each time I saw him
I couldn’t wait to see him again
I wanted to let him know
That he was more than a friend
I didn’t know just what to do
So I whispered I love you
And he said that he loved me too
And then he kissed me

He kissed me in a way
That I’ve never been…

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Artist/Album: Sawyer Brown

I’ll say my peace and I’ll play my hand
And maybe this way you’ll understand
I’m short on words I was raised that way
But I still mean all the ones I say

And with ring I promise you
Everything that I have or can do
There’s so many roads that love can run
But here in my heart your the only one

I do all right here on my own
But you give me things I’ve never known
Oh here I am getting up my nerve
It may not be all that you deserve


Repeat Chorus

Here in my heart your the only one

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Artist/Album: Jim Brickman

I am amazed
When i look at you
I see you smiling back at me
It’s like all my dreams come true

I am afraid
If i lost you girl
I’d fall through the cracks
And lose me track in this crazy lonely world

Sometimes it’s so hard to believe
When the nights can be so long
And gave me the strength
And kept me holding on

You are the love of my life
And I’m so glad you found me
You are the love of my life
Baby put your arms around me
I guess this is how it feels
When you finally find something real
My angel in the night
You are my love
The love…

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Artist/Album: Frank Sinatra w/ Celine Dion

When somebody loves you
It’s no good unless he loves you all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is
That’s how it’s got to feel
Deeper than the deep blue sea is
That’s how deep it goes if its real

When somebody needs you
It’s no good unless he needs you all the way
Through the good or lean years
And for all the in between years - come what way

Who know where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say
But if you’ll let me love you
It’s for sure…

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Artist/Album: Bach

Jesu, joy of man?s desiring,
Holy wisdom, love most bright;
Drawn by Thee, our souls aspiring
Soar to uncreated light.
Word of God, our flesh that fashioned,
With the fire of life impassioned,
Striving still to truth unknown,
Soaring, dying round Thy throne.

Through the way where hope is guiding,
Hark, what peaceful music rings;
Where the flock, in Thee confiding,
Drink of joy from deathless springs.
Theirs is beauty?s fairest pleasure;
Theirs is wisdom?s holiest treasure.
Thou dost ever lead Thine own
In the love of joys unknown.

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Artist/Album: Enrique Iglesias

Let me be your hero

Would you dance,
if I asked you to dance?
Would you run,
and never look back?
Would you cry,
if you saw me crying?
And would you save my soul, tonight?

Would you tremble,
if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh?
Oh please tell me this.
Now would you die,
for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms, tonight.

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

Would you swear,
that you’ll always be mine?
Or would you lie?
would you run and hide?
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don’t care…
You’re here, tonight.


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Artist/Album: Peabo Bryson/Roberta Flack

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
It seems the natural thing to do
Tonight no one’s gonna find us
We’ll leave the world behind us
When I make love to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And hope that deep inside you’ll feel it too
Tonight our spirits will be climbing
To a sky filled up with diamonds
When I make love to you, tonight

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And that midnight sun is gonna come shining through
Tonight there’ll be no distance between us
What I want most to do, is to get close to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And soon…

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Artist/Album: Kci & JoJo

I cant believe it’s true, i’m standin’ here in front of you, and you are here with me. so unbelievable, i’d never ever let you go. My heart is yours for keep.

Lets make a vow, right here and now

This is the day that i prayed for, you are the girl of my dreams, and my place in life, is right here by your side on this day, this very moment.

Today is you and i, we celebrate a brand new life that God has given us. until the end of time, i hold your precious hand in mine,…

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Artist/Album: Bette Midler

You ask me what I want.
You ask me what I need.
It’s nothing you can buy.
My heart’s not ruled by greed.
I don’t love a diamond.
Diamond’s you see through.
I want you to hold me.
I want you to be true.

Give me the gift of love.
Look me in the eyes.
Say I’m the one you’re dreamin’ of.
That’d be the best surprise.
Give me the gift of your sweet love
in the light of the day,
in the dark of night.

Like the colors of the sun,
the feelings in your heart.
It’s all I want from you.
And when the sky is dark
I’ll have you beside me.
Who could ask for…

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